Next Killzone 3 Patch Detailed

By Kyle Durant

February 25, 2011

Guerrilla Games is looking to fix a couple technical and gameplay issues with the next KZ3 patch. Below you can see their statements on what will 100% be in the next update. No word was giving on when exactly the patch will be released. The only question now is…where in the world is online co-op campaign?!

Guerrilla Warfare matches are too short!
Agreed. We are currently play testing new time and kill limits. These changes will make it out in a patch sometime soon.
Custom games.
Custom games are returning, although not exactly as they were in KZ2. Two separate updates will be arriving to allow custom games. The first will provide the base functionality, such as
– Custom game modes and settings.
– Secure games allowing you to invite the players you want to play with.
– Faction switching.

The second update will give more much more functionality, some examples include
– More control over games modes and settings.
– Toggling on and off functionality, such as ribbons, skills, explosives, etc.
– Selecting which careers you want available to players.
– Allow friendly fire to be turned on or off.
As well as a few other features. More details to follow.
Preorder and unlock voucher codes aren’t working correctly.
Investigations are currently ongoing into the issues relating to unlock/pre order bonuses.

Repeated Blood Gracht & Salamun Market matches.
We’ve already identified the cause of this problem, it is related to the ‘ANY” map selection preference, and we should be able to get a fix out soon in one of upcoming patches. In the meantime if you get trapped repeatedly playing either Blood Gracht or Salamun Market, you can quit your game, then within Find Match > Map Selection, choose a non DLC map. The game will place you into the map you have selected when you attempt to join a game, and once your match is finished, map voting will happen as normal and you can vote on whatever map you wish. We understand this isn’t an ideal solution and will try and get this resolved a.s.a.p.

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