Next Steam Game Festival Hits in October With New Demos

Next Steam Game Festival Hits in October With New Demos

The Steam Game Festival returns later this year with a new slate of demos. The team also confirmed it will come back at least twice in 2021.

Since launching at The Game Awards, the Steam Game Festival has become a runaway success. It provides an excellent way for players to hop into upcoming games and get an idea of what their next gaming obsession might be. And, given the world’s current pandemic, gives everyone an opportunity to see games that likely would’ve made an impact at a convention. It appears these are going to very much be “a thing” going forward. The next one launches on October 7, with two more already scheduled for next year.

The last Steam Game Festival included several bangers. Games like Fights in Tight Spaces, The Riftbreaker, and Spiritfarer impressed. And Spiritfarer recently released to great reviews, proving it could make good on its early promise.

Hopefully, this next go-around is just as strong. With it starting right before next-gen consoles are set to launch, it’ll be worth paying attention to how many games will look to make that jump. Obviously, this is a PC-centric showcase; however, you have to expect many of the games will look to release in as many places as possible.

The news also confirms that the Steam Game Festival will return at least two more times after this go-around. Festivals are already schedules for February and June of next year. Hopefully, by then we’ll also have conventions back, but who knows exactly where things are going?

The Steam Game Festival kicks off again on October 7. I’m not sure if DualShockers’ own Kris Cornelisse will download far too many demos and write up his impressions for this one, but expect some type of coverage out of us around the event.