Next Stop Metro 2033

By Brendan Ecock

October 22, 2009

THQ Inc. has announced today the arrival of a new game, Metro 2033, for the PC and XBOX 360. It is based on the best-selling Russian novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky.  With the first person shooter as its basis supported by 4A Game Engine, it will give you an atmospheric experience on what the future world has to offer. The game ensnares you in a post apocalyptic Russia from an event that occurred in 2013 (Close to 2012), destroying most of mankind. The rest of the survivors took refuge in Metro Stations, creating them into cities and foundations. Moving forward to 2033, Artyom, a citizen to the cities, born and raised, witnesses an event that takes place in the underground cities, signifying another threat to mankind. You journey from your underground homeland to the desolate world above, with the fate in your hands to either being the savior or help destroy mankind.

The game looks very interesting, but is the idea played out. We have Fallout with an almost similar idea, and a few other post apocalyptic games. I hope the game brings a new idea and a unique story to the table, and keeps the genre of world ending games alive. The game will arrive early 2010, and if you want  to take a look at the game, go to Fear the future!

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