Next Super Robot Wars Live Stream to Be Held on December 11

Next Super Robot Wars Live Stream to Be Held on December 11

The next Super Robot Taisen live stream will be on December 11, and will probably focus on the mobile games SRW Cross Omega and DD.

Bandai Namco announced today a new live stream for the Super Robot Wars franchise. It’ll be held on December 11, at 21:00 JST and will last around an hour. Here are the various services where the stream will be broadcast:

It’s been more than a year now since the franchise has been having live streams with a roughly monthly pace. This month’s stream should focus on the two mobile games, Super Robot Wars X-Ω (Cross Omega) and Super Robot Wars DD.

A beta-test will soon be held in Japan for SRW DD, only accessible to those who registered on the game’s official site and were selected after a lottery. As such, they might reveal a bit more on the game before the beta-test starts.

As for Cross Omega, new series joining its cast list will be announced during the stream.

It’s almost certain they won’t reveal new information on Super Robot Wars T, as this would be way too soon compared to the usual 2-3 months wait between a game’s announcement trailer and its second trailer which reveals the Original characters. Unless they change their way of doing things, they definitely won’t reveal Terra‘s Original main character(s) and their mecha(s) now.

They might reveal something minor though, like the OG character pilot of the Gespenst included in Super Robot Wars T. I’m betting on a wolf-man voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu. If they reveal an OG character(s), their voice actor(s) may make an appearance as well.

One thing for sure, the stream will definitely be fun to watch, especially as it’s the last SRW stream for 2018. It’ll have an end-of-the-year-party feel to it. There will definitely be an after-stream for Nico Nico viewers, with many funny moments.

In related news, Super Robot Wars V, which released in 2017 for PS4 and Vita, received the Gold Prize at the PlayStation Awards 2018. This is the award given to games which sold more than 500 000 copies on PS4. I’m happy the franchise is doing well, though Super Robot Wars V wasn’t without flaws, like being way too easy even when compared to other recent SRW games.

We covered the previous stream with a full summary and we’re planning to do the same for this one. You can read more about Super Robot Wars  T‘s story and cast list choices here.

Super Robot Wars T releases for PS4 and Switch in 2019. The game’s southeast Asia version will include English subtitles.