Next Three Fallout: New Vegas DLC’s Detailed

FINALLY! With the Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money expansion in the past, we here at DualShockers have been piecing parts of the next DLC, Honest Hearts, with great diligence. If you’ve read our previous articles on this subject, you’re about to see how right we were. BUT! That’s not all. Bethesda has also detailed the next two DLC expansions after Honest Hearts. That’s right not just the titles, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road, but full blown plot information! Plus, Bethesda hasn’t said anything about discontinuing New Vegas expansions and MAY provide some truth to all those rumors that say there will be seven/eight DLCs.

Honest Hearts will be available on May 17/18th and will indeed feature the Burned Man. This DLC takes you on a journey to Utah’s Zion National Park. Once you arrive your caravan is ambushed and you are tasked with finding your way back to the Mojave. However, on your expedition you’ll become engulfed in a war between mysterious tribes. On the side you’ll finally get to clash heads with the Burned Man and a New Canaanite missionary. In typical, Fallout fashion your decisions will decide the outcome of Honest Hearts.

The next expansion, Old World Blues, will be available in June and will have your character become a pawn in dastardly science experiment gone wrong. However, things aren’t what they seem as you have the choice to work with your kidnappers against a greater evil. Lonesome Road will be available in July. This DLC has you conversing with the original Courier Six who refused to deliver the Platinum Chip to Mr. House at the beginning of New Vegas. You’ll also be traversing to one of the most dangerous places that the game has to offer.

All the DLC’s price points are the same, 800 MP/$9.99, along with their availability on all systems. Now about the possibility of more DLC expansions since Bethesda hasn’t specified otherwise. We asked Bethesda what their plans were regarding future expansions but we got the run around with them saying if they announced something it will be on their blog. That’s not a no but it’s not a yes either. Luckily, we have three more confirmed downloadable contents coming our way to keep us busy.

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