Next Yakuza PS4 Game News Coming on July 10

Next Yakuza PS4 Game News Coming on July 10

More details on the next PS4 Yakuza game will be coming on July 10 along with the final results of the main character actress audition.

Sega announced that more information on the next PS4 Yakuza game, currently titled “Shin Ryu Go Gotoku/New Yakuza” will be coming on July 10. The announcement was made by Producer Daisuke Sato at the Taipei launch event for the PS4 port of Yakuza 5. He mentioned the final results for the actress audition will be announced on July 10 as well, meaning there should be some kind of stream or live event on that date.

This isn’t surprising news at all as Sega already stated the actress audition’s final results would be announced in July, unofficially confirming that more news on Shin Ryu Ga Gotoku will be coming then.


Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi also gave more details on the game during May 2019’s SegaNama stream. With his development updates, he most notably pointed out that the new protagonist Kasuga Ichiban has a different, more talkative personality than Kiryu, meaning it’s opening up new gameplay possibilities as he’ll react differently.

We’ve also covered the actress audition in a previous story. Meanwhile, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s latest PS4 game, Judgment, finally released west this month, after launching in Japan in December 2018. We’ve covered Judgment plenty of times through its development and our review is accessible here.