Nexus Conflict Strategy MMOG Announced

February 27, 2012

The newest game from one of the biggest publishers in the online gaming world has just been announced. Nexus Conflict is a tactical real-time strategy game from gamigo, in which players will go into the past of Black Prophecy‘s universe to command a titan during the Species Wars.

Players will fight for control of the strategic regions in Nexus, the area where the universes will collide, and are fought between the cybernetic Tyi and the genetically perfect Genides. The game features both PvP and PvE missions in order to gain improved weapons, shields, and various enhancements. Ships to captain range from small cruisers to “battle titans” measuring a kilometer and a half.


Nexus Conflict will be using the Unity 3D graphics engine, and while it will start as a client game, there are currently plans to turn it into a browser game in the future. Nexus Conflict is being developed by Limbic Entertainment, with the first beta test scheduled to begin in March. Reregistration is available here.

Emily Putscher

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