Neymar Jr Fortnite Release Date - Skin Leaks, Cosmetics

A new leak has pointed towards the release date for the new skin.

Last month, the Fortnite community was buzzing with the news that Neymar Jr was joining the game’s world.

While his inclusion was announced, very few other details were shared about the skin.

The story has developed with various other information leaked by data miners and we now have a potential release date.

We’ve known for a while about Neymar Jr joining Fortnite, but what is the release date of his skin? Let’s take a look at what some recent leaks suggest.

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Neymar Jr in Fortnite

The iconic Brazilian footballer was first teased in the Fortnite Season 6’s trailer that showcased his iconic No. 10 jersey and 2014’s World Cup ball, Adidas Brazuca.

Neymar Jr himself pretty much confirmed his involvement with the game by retweeting Fortnite Season 6’s trailer with nothing but the eyes emoji.

The forward is pretty vocal and public about his love for video games. He streams Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and has collaborated with Ninja for a Fortnite game in the past as well.

What The New Skin Leaks Suggest

According to Fortnite dataminer Twea, Neymar Jr will appear in the game with 11 cosmetics connected to him. This certainly seems like an incredible way to introduce him into the game.

The free-for-all battle royale is extremely popular in the legendary athlete’s home country, Brazil. Fortnite fans there are certain to be very happy with this development.

Fortnite x Neymar Jr Potential Release Date

According to the leaks, the release date for Neymar Jr in Fortnite is April 27th. The time around mid-to-end April has been suggested before by dataminers such as ShiinaBR. Regardless, do remember that these are tentative dates and we will need to wait for an official confirmation from Epic Games themselves.

Apart from the release date, we also know is that at least one of Neymar Jr’s potential skins from the skin leak will appear in the Fortnite Battle Pass. The best way to grab the skin at the time of release is to make sure that you are grinding hard in the Battle Pass challenges right now.

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