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Nezuko's New Demon Form in Demon Slayer Explained

Nezuko had her ultimate moment in the latest episode.

January 9, 2022

The latest episode of Demon Slayer Season 2 recently came out, and after watching the episode, fans want to know more about Nezuko Kamado’s new Demon form. Well, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Warning: This post contains some major spoilers from Episode 6 of Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc.

Demon Slayer fans were eagerly waiting for things to get serious in Entertainment District Arc. Well, everyone’s prayers have been answered, and the latest episode of the anime series offered some spectacular fight scenes between Tanjiro and Daki. However, the main highlight of the episode was definitely Nezuko appearing at the last minute to save Tanjiro. But this time, Nezuko wasn’t that sweet little demon we remember from previous episodes.

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Demon Slayer | Entertainment District Arc Tengen Uzui Wives Trailer

Demon Slayer | Entertainment District Arc Tengen Uzui Wives Trailer

Nezuko’s Demon Form Explained

The latest episode featured Nezuko kicking Daki’s head with a powerful kick. Looking at Tanjiro coughing blood, Nezuko loses control and attacks Daki to finish her off. However, Daki easily cuts her enemy in half while also cutting off her arm and leg.

Of course, Nezuko never consumed any human, so Daki initially thought that she wouldn’t be able to regenerate. However, Nezuko quickly restores her body parts, which obviously comes as a shock for Daki. After that, Nezuko transforms into her Berserk Demon form, which is also called her “Awakened Form.”

Interestingly, Nezuko turns into her adult self and breaks off her gag in her new form. She also gets one Whitehorn on her forehead, and a vine pattern covers her entire body, and all of this makes her look more demonic. Interestingly, Nezuko’s physical abilities reach the level of an Upper Rank in her Awakened form. And that’s the reason why she regenerated her body parts so quickly.

Warning: This section contains some spoilers from the Demon Slayer manga.

The downside of this new Awakened form is that Nezuko loses control over herself. And as Takeo stated in the episode, Nezuko almost relinquishes an integral part of her because of the aggression.

Apparently, Nezuko tries to consume human blood in her Berserk state, but Tanjiro wakes up at the right moment and brings his sister back to her normal form.

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