NFL Sunday Ticket is Coming to PlayStation 3’s for a Lot of Money

on August 20, 2011 12:00 PM

Can’t get enough football through Madden?  Well you’re in luck (assuming you’re loaded).  Formerly only available through DirectTV, the NFL Sunday Ticket will be streaming games in HD to PlayStation 3 owners for the low, low price of $339.95.  That’s right, for less than $340, you too can stream HD Football games to your PlayStation.

This is actually a really cool idea in concept, as not everyone can get DirectTV.  The system works well with MLB.TV, as I have some friends who enjoy getting to watch their favorite teams all the time, especially when they are out of market area coverage, but $340 is a lot of cash to ask for roughly 18 weeks worth of games.  While I’m sure this will appeal to some, it is about $300 too expensive to be a realistic option for most of us who just want to watch some football.

[PlayStation Blog]

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