NFL Sunday Ticket is Coming to PlayStation 3's for a Lot of Money

Can’t get enough football through Madden?  Well you’re in luck (assuming you’re loaded).  Formerly only available through DirectTV, the NFL Sunday Ticket will be streaming games in HD to PlayStation 3 owners for the low, low price of $339.95.  That’s right, for less than $340, you too can stream HD Football games to your PlayStation.

This is actually a really cool idea in concept, as not everyone can get DirectTV.  The system works well with MLB.TV, as I have some friends who enjoy getting to watch their favorite teams all the time, especially when they are out of market area coverage, but $340 is a lot of cash to ask for roughly 18 weeks worth of games.  While I’m sure this will appeal to some, it is about $300 too expensive to be a realistic option for most of us who just want to watch some football.

[PlayStation Blog]

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