NGP/PSP2 Receives Unreal 3 License

NGP/PSP2 Receives Unreal 3 License


With Sony’s NGP/PSP2 (whatever they want to call it) still very much in the shadows as to many of the details, every small bit of news on it is welcome at this time. News has arrived this morning that developers may now license the infamous Unreal Engine 3 for use with the NGP/PSP2, and while at first glance this might seem like something obvious it’s still nice to have that out in the open. Mark Rein, VP of Epic Games had this to say;


“NGP raises the bar for the performance of handheld platforms with its multi-core GPU and shader-based, multi-core CPU. This makes Unreal Engine 3 a particularly advantageous fit for NGP. Furthermore, multiple UE3 licensees are already working with NGP, some of which have indicated they intend to release their games for the platform’s launch.”

In other words, all the magic techno-wizard stuff in the device makes it perfect for Unreal Engine 3 games.