NHL 18 Revealed in New Teaser Trailer; Full Reveal Coming June 21st

NHL 18 Revealed in New Teaser Trailer; Full Reveal Coming June 21st

Take your first-look at NHL 18 for PS4 and Xbox One in debut, teaser trailer.

It’s hockey time folks. Today, EA revealed its latest installment in its annual line of NHL games — NHL 18 — via a new teaser trailer.

Beyond a cinematic look at some hockey action featuring the Toronto Maple Leafs, the trailer doesn’t notably reveal any salient information, nor has any been revealed separately.

According to EA, the trailer is merely a “first-look,” aka a holdover until the NHL Awards in Las Vegas on June 21st, where it will reveal the cover athlete, the first official gameplay trailer, features, a release date, and more.

Notably it has also been confirmed that the game will continue to run on the Ignite engine of previous games rather then finally make the jump over to EA’s very own Frostbite engine — which it uses for nearly all of its games — such as the upcoming FIFA 18.

Like NHL 17, NHL 18 will skip PC and last-gen systems and release only on PS4 and Xbox One. As always, it is poised to release sometime this fall, with an exact release date prepared for announcement on the above mentioned June 21st.

It’s worth pointing out that this news seemingly confirms the game will not be present at EA’s E3 2017 presser, unless it plans on showing another mere teaser trailer.

Anyway, below you can check out the new teaser trailer for yourself: