NHL 18’s Arcadey 3-on-3 Mode is Highlighted in New Trailer

NHL 18’s Arcadey 3-on-3 Mode is Highlighted in New Trailer

Don't worry, mascots can get in on the action too.

Today, EA Sports released a new trailer for its upcoming hockey title NHL 18 and highlighted one of the new modes that will be appearing in this year’s edition of the game. This new game mode is called “NHL Threes” and is a 3-on-3 experience that is meant to be similar to arcade sports titles of the past.

Within moments of watching the trailer, you’ll quickly realize that NHL Threes seems to be a hockey version of popular arcade games like NBA Jam. Gone is the realism of technical controls of the standard gameplay in NHL 18, and inserted is more fast-paced action with various scoring options. Quite possibly the best part of NHL Threes is that you can team up with your friends and face other teams in both online or offline play.

Our own staff writer Tomas Franzese was able to check out the new NHL Threes mode at an EA Sports event today and came away with some very positive first impressions. In short, he said that it was a ton of fun and to him was much more visceral the the normal game modes that are offered in NHL 18.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on NHL 18 when it releases, then you’re in luck. As of today, a beta for the game has begun on both Xbox One and PS4. Download it right now and you can test out NHL Threes for yourself even though the campaign portion of the mode will be locked for the final game.

You can find today’s new trailer at the bottom of the page if you’re interested. NHL 18 is slated to release next month on September 15 for Xbox One and PS4.