New Video Gives an In-Depth Look at NHL 19's Franchise Mode

NHL 19's Franchise mode is much more immersive than in years past with a revamped scouting engine that will fully assess potential players.

By Ashley Donnelly

August 18, 2018

EA Sports has shared an extensive look at the changes made in the revamped scouting engine of NHL 19′s Franchise mode. The sixteen-minute video details all of the changes made that will help players stock their teams with the best talent when NHL 19 is released next month.

Games Modes Producer Gurn Sumal explains the changes made to NHL 19’s scouting in the video. While previously players would have only one scout that would go from league to league to scout players, now they will be able to hire up to twenty scouts, both pro and amateur. Individual scouts will now be able to provide a much more in-depth analysis of each player they evaluate in both ability and character. Their region familiarity will also play a big role in their efficiency as well.

The Draft Class screen has also been revamped and now reveals more information about potential players. There are also brand new scout cards to represent reports, and they include strengths and weaknesses of players comparing them to similar NHL players or alumni as well. Scouts can also share what players to avoid in the draft as well as prospect Gems to go after.

Another element mentioned in the video is Fog of War. When enabled, it will mask certain player attributes as the season progresses requiring you to send scouts to watch teams and update you on players you want to acquire. Playing games against other teams is another way to clear the Fog of War and will improve the accuracy of ratings for opposing players.

You can watch the entire video going into great detail of NHL 19‘s immersive Franchise mode below. The game will launch on September 14th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and you can pre-order it on Amazon. It will unlock three days early for those who pre-order the NHL 19 Legends Edition or NHL 19 Ultimate Edition. If you want to learn more about NHL 19, you can check out our preview of the game or our interview with Creative Director William Ho.

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