NHL 21 Pre-orders Come With a New NHL 94 Rewind Mode

NHL 21 Pre-orders Come With a New NHL 94 Rewind Mode

NHL 21 fans who pre-order will have access to a NHL 94 game mode that comes complete with modern day rosters. The mode launches on October 30.

NHL 21 is about to be upon us. The game launches October 16, and EA announced today that fans who pre-order will get an enticing new bonus. The team has taken today’s rosters and put them inside classic NHL 94 gameplay. If you pre-order this year’s game, that mode comes with it. And, while it won’t be available at launch, it’s a fun addition for fans. Check it out.


EA has done something very similar to this before. NHL 14 celebrated the series’ anniversary by including an NHL 94 mode. However, that version remains took the gameplay from the classic and transported it into the modern engine. This go-around appears to be the opposite. You’re getting current rosters, but classic graphics. Sign me the heck up.

Of course, NHL 94 Rewind won’t be able on day one of NHL 21. It’s a bit of a weird turn for a pre-order bonus, but the mode won’t actually be in the game until October 30. That’s two weeks after the game launches which is a bit puzzling.

I also have to wonder if they’ll make the mode purchasable for everyone later on. It would really suck for people who haven’t pre-ordered to never have a chance to check the classic mode out. Surely, you’ll be able to buy this for like five bucks somewhere down the line.

NHL 21 comes to PS4 and Xbox One on October 16. It doesn’t look like we’re getting upgraded next-gen versions; however, the game will be forward compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X. So, while you won’t have all the shine of a new version, you can still play it on whichever console you upgrade to.