NHL 2K Series Being Revived On Mobile Platforms

NHL 2K Series Being Revived On Mobile Platforms

Fans of the NHL 2K series are finally going to be able to get back in the rink for the first time since 2010. Well, that is, if you own a mobile device.

2K announced today that the hard-hitting sport series is returning as NHL 2K for Android and iOS. The game is being developed between Visual Concepts and Virtuos Games, and is planned to be released as a ‘premium’ mobile game at $7.99.

The game sounds like it is quite fully featured for a mobile sports game, featuring  a career mode, classic game modes, three-on-three mini-rink games, roster updates and even multiplayer. Sitting in my bed and managing a team through several NHL seasons on my Nexus 7 actually sounds like it could be pretty good time.

NHL 2K is set to release on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store later this fall. You can also check out an infographic released by 2K on the full history of the series below.