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By Sam Woods

August 6, 2021

Yesterday, on August 5, an array of the most prominent Pokemon GO players and communities led a boycott of the AR title due to a range of changes that Niantic was making to try and return to the game to “normal”.

The most notable change saw the distance that players could interact with PokeStops halved, reverting it to its pre-pandemic range and forcing players to once again venture out. However, with the Delta Variant of COVID running rampant in some countries and the pandemic continuing, plus the countless other benefits that the initial changes presented, a boycott was arranged.

This boycott made worldwide news across both gaming and non-gaming outlets and, as was intended, caused Niantic to respond.

However, despite some positive news coming out of the response, it was hailed as “corporate” over on the popular Pokemon GO subreddit, TheSilphRoad, with many players suggesting Niantic wasn’t doing enough.

A free content update is coming to New Pokémon Snap!

A free content update is coming to New Pokémon Snap!

What Was Niantic’s Response to The Boycott?

The response starts with the developers stating that they are “humbled” by the outcry from theirpassionate” community, however, it quickly descends into the more “corporate” speak.

Niantic says the changes are designed to encourage “people to explore, exercise and safely play together in person remains Niantic’s mission” and that the “health and wellbeing of players is our top priority,” which on its own is questionable, simply due to the nature of forcing people back outside during a pandemic.

Despite acknowledging that the main reason for the boycott was due to the PokeStop interaction distance changing, Niantic refused to change it back, instead, they assembled “an internal cross-functional team to develop proposals designed to preserve our mission of inspiring people to explore the world together, while also addressing specific concerns that have been raised regarding interaction distance.”

The findings are due out by September 1. You can read the full statement right here.

How did Reddit Respond?

As you’d expect, TheSilphRoad and the wider Reddit community had plenty to say on the matter.

One response pinpoints the fact that the distance wasn’t, even temporarily, reverted:

Others have stated that this “month” is just a delay tactic:

A delay tactic to see how much money that the changes may or may not cost them:

Ultimately, this Niantic’s response looks to have done nothing but disenfranchise the community once again, which will potentially lead to further boycotts!

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