Nicalis’ NightSky Hitting PC January 6th, Looks Like It’ll Tickle My Marbles

on January 3, 2011 8:00 AM

Nicalis' NightSky Hitting PC January 6th, Looks Like It'll Tickle My Marbles

Nicalis, publisher of the massively popular PC and WiiWare game Cave Story, are just about to release another game on the PC.  NightSky looks to be a pretty fantastic physics-based puzzle platformer in which you control a marble or sphere of some kind through a surreal shadowy environment. You can see the trailer after the jump.

The levels look to be not only creative, but also intuitive while challenging at the same time. The soundtrack by Chris Schlarb also sounds like a treat. If that’s not enough, the game’s being developed by Nifflas Games, maker of big-deals like Knytt and Knytt Stories. Hopefully we’ll have a review of this up by then, as it quite possibly looks like the very first great indie game of 2011.

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