Nick Maynard Selling Zine for Amateur Chiptune Musicians

on April 17, 2011 2:30 PM

Nick Maynard Selling Zine for Amateur Chiptune Musicians

For all of you kids looking to get a start in the chiptune scene, here’s a pretty good introduction to one of the best tools for the genre: LSDJ. Written by Nick Maynard (of Revengineers fame), it talks about how to buy your gameboy, LSDJ, and your gameboy cart needed for LSDJ. It also gives a really in-depth tutorial on how LSDJ works, which is definitely helpful, as LSDJ is a really complicated piece of software. It also has a list of resources you can consult for further reading on the subject.

It’s definitely a better tutorial than the LSDJ manual.

If you can find him in-person, you can get the manual for just $3, or you can order it online for $5. Just Paypal/email him at nickmaynard@gmail. com.

Definitely highly recommended for anyone interested in working with chiptunes.

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