Nickelback Coming to Rock Band

Nickelback Coming to Rock Band


You all better get your prepaid cards ready, Harmonix and MTV Games have announced that Nickelback will be arriving on Rock Band. The Canadian rockers will debut in the Rock Band Music store for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

“Nickelback Pack 01” will be arriving on all three systems on June 29, 2010. The tracks include “Burn It to the Ground” and “This Afternoon” from their album, Dark Horse. Also included are “Photograph” and “Rockstar” from best-selling album All the Right Reasons. Lastly, “Figured You Out” from The Long Road and “Never Again” from Silver Side Up will also be featured in the track pack.

The following is the pricing for the wonderful tracks I just listed:

  • $1.99, 160 Microsoft Points, 200 Wii Points per track
  • $9.99, 800 Microsoft Points, (Not available on Wii) for Nickelback Pack 01