Nidus Prime Warframe Revealed At TennoCon 2021

All details on Nidus Prime Warframe, New War Expansion, Deluxe Skins and more

Digital Extremes revealed the upcoming Nidus Prime Warframe at TennoCon 2021 event.

Besides this, the studio also gave fans a first look at the next Warframe expansion, The New War. We got a solid 30 minutes of gameplay giving players a taste of what’s yet to come.

But one of the most attention-grabbing announcements was the Nidus Prime Warframe. So, this article has everything we know so far about this Warframe. But before we move ahead, do check out the latest hotfix released for PC and Consoles:

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Nidus Prime Warframe

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Every Warframe has a Prime version. So Nidus Prime is going to be the next Warframe and the design for this playable character is pretty impressive as compared to the last few ones we received.

We already have Nidus as a stacking Warframe in the game and he is the first of its kind. Mutation stacks are a resource unique to Nidus which is indicated by the Mutation counter and gauge displayed on the screen. He can add or subtract stacks depending on the abilities he uses.

Now that we are getting a Nidus Prime Warframe, this character is going to get even better than the unkillable monster he is right now. Here’s an image of Nidus Prime evolving into different stages of stacks:

Here’s another image of Nidus Prime’s helmet and I must say that the artist has done a fantastic job here.

As you can see, Nidus Prime looks quite different from regular Nidus. It probably has something to do with the superior Orokin design that can encapsulate the Infestation better whereas the Tenno designs allowed for overgrowth.

But we will have to wait for more details when this Warframe gets closer to its release date.

Nidus Prime Release

Nidus Prime was revealed during the in-game relay event and will arrive in the next Prime Access this Summer. However, Caliban is the new Warframe and will arrive with The New War.

Warframes can be of Prime and non-Prime types. New Warframe Primes bring freshness to the game because they come with their own versions of skill sets and abilities. And we are looking forward to the introduction of Nidus Prime in the game.

New Sentient Warframe

A new Sentient Warframe was also revealed in the TennoCon 2021 live. It is different from Revenant who is a regular Warframe that became “tainted” by Eidolon energy. This is definitely going to be an interesting addition to the lore.

Warframe The New War Expansion

In the TennoCon 2021 event, we also got to know more about Warframe: The New War story expansion that will add a new open-world area to the game. It will introduce a new story campaign where players can switch perspectives been different characters rather instead of playing as their normal Warframe.

The story mode will bring three playable characters: a Grineer soldier called Kahl 175, then a Corpus engineer named Veso, and a Tenno swordsman named Teshin, who previously featured in story quests such as The War Within.

Besides this, Digital Extremes also announced Warframe crossplay and cross-save features between all platforms. This means you will be able to play Warframe seamlessly with your friends from any device (PC, PS, Xbox, and Mobile).

Also, Warframe is also coming to mobile, which is also another big news as it will expand the player base.

So Tennos have a lot more to look forward to in terms of the content of the game. What are you most excited about? Did you like the Nidus Prime Warframe? Leave your comments below!

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