Nielsen Survey Shows More Wiis in Living Rooms, More 360s in Bedrooms

By Justin Hutchison

April 3, 2011

A new Nielsen survey shows that most of this generation’s consoles reside in the living room or the kid’s bedroom, with the Wii being in 59% of living rooms with game consoles. This can probably be attributed to the space required for a Wii, something you’d have much less of in a bedroom. The PS3 and 360 take up 45% and 42% respectively, despite both being more multimedia focused than the Wii.

The 360 is in 28% of kid’s bedrooms with consoles, probably because it doesn’t require nearly as much space. Maybe the PS3 and the 360 will see more usage in the living room with the additions of Move and Kinect.

Also, who puts a game console in the kitchen? Can’t decide if that’s brilliant or just weird.

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