NieR: Automata Gets Discounted to $45 for Limited Time on Amazon

NieR: Automata Gets Discounted to $45 for Limited Time on Amazon

The acclaimed NieR: Automata is available for a limited time at a $45 price on PS4 for those looking to explore Yoko Taro's epic world.

Released in the early part of the year, NieR: Automata quickly has become a success critically and commercial for its unique mashup of gameplay styles and unpredictable storytelling, with the title seeing a discount, courtesy of Amazon.

Over on Amazon, the physical PS4 version of NieR: Automata is available for $44.99, marking a $15 drop from the game’s regular $59.99. While the discount is only applying to the PS4 version rather than the PC edition as well, this still marks a great opportunity for those that may be interested in the title to pick it up at a (slightly) lower price.

DualShockers’ own Giuseppe Nelva reviewed NieR: Automata earlier this year and awarded the game a score of 9.0/10, explaining in his review:

Ultimately, NieR: Automata isn’t a perfect game, but I think no one will be surprised, considering that it’s directed by a developer who has made of imperfection almost a flag, and who often managed to turn it into an endearing side among his fans.

Yet, it’s a fantastic and well balanced mix between sleek PlatinumGames action and JRPG gameplay, resulting bigger than the sum of its parts. It brings forth an absolutely fascinating setting, and charming, likable and memorable characters that will both make you smile and tug at your heart strings.

2B, 9S and the rest of the cast already cut themselves a well deserved corner in my heart, and I’m positive they will do the same for many of you as well.

NieR: Automata is available now for PS4 and PC – to check out the deal while it is available, you can click here and head over to Amazon.