NieR: Automata’s Final Secret Has Been Discovered Nearly 4 Years Later

NieR: Automata’s Final Secret Has Been Discovered Nearly 4 Years Later

Almost 4 years after its original release, a final cheat code has been discovered in NieR: Automata that lets you skip most of the game.

As one of the standout games of the past generation, NieR: Automata was memorable to most players for its unconventional narrative structure that had players discovering new endings and ways to “beat” the game. Yoko Taro’s action RPG was especially known for having tons of hidden secrets to find, with one secret eluding the vast majority of players for nearly four years after its release.

Over on Twitter, Lance McDonald uncovered a hidden cheat code in NieR: Automata that allows players to skip to the final ending of the game after defeating the game’s first boss, Marx, and also unlocking the game’s bonus modes. According to McDonald, who has previously uncovered hidden bits of code and secrets in other games, he was able to find the cheat after “hundreds of hours of reverse engineering” in the game’s code.

The discovery is especially notable given that the game’s director Yoko Taro previously hinted that there was one secret in NieR: Automata that had yet to be discovered by players. According to a quote tweet from Yoko Taro, it appears that the secret has finally been uncovered almost four years after its initial release in early 2017.

For a closer look at how you can unlock the cheat for yourself, you can check out this video from Lance McDonald giving a full breakdown of how to skip to the end of the game. However, if it’s your first time playing through the title, we’d probably recommend playing it without cheats for the sake of experiencing one of the last generation’s most unique titles.

NieR: Automata is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.