NieR: Automata Gets Tons of 1080p Screenshots Showing Characters from NieR, New Ones and More

NieR: Automata Gets Tons of 1080p Screenshots Showing Characters from NieR, New Ones and More

Today Square Enix released a large batch of 1080p screenshots showing off the cast of NieR: Automata, including some old acquaintances.

First of all, we get Emil, which is the same character who appeared in the previous NieR. Most of his memory is missing, and his role in the new game is unknown.

Returning from the first NieR are also Devola and Popola. They are older models of androids who live in in the resistance camp, and strangely they’re among the rare models with the ability to drink.

The Commander is the one in charge of the Yorha androids, and she gives order from the “Bunker” base orbiting the planet. She behaves in a calm and collected manner and she appears to care about 9S and 2B. She also seems to have a sort of connection with 2A.

Operator 60 and 210 are stationed in the Yorha androids’ “Bunker” base, and they are in charge of communicating with the androids on the ground and of information analysis. 60 is in charge of 2B and she is relatively bright, while 2010 takes care of 9S and has a calm personality.

Pod 42 and Pod 153 are respecively 2B’s and 9S’ combat pods.They’re armed for long range support and can communicate with the base of operations. They can also communicate with each other, exchanging strategy and battle information.

The brothers Adam and Eve are quite mysterious. Adam has a calm personality but hides a cruel streak if he needs to achieve a goal. Eve is the younger, and has a simplistic personality, not giving things much thought. He really loves his brother.

Pascal is a mechanical life form, but he’s highly intelligent and dislikes conflict. He’s exploring the path to peace together with the mechanical life forms who share the same inclination. He’s very interested in the history of humanity and machine life.

The Bunker is the base of operations of the Yorha troops. The commander and the operators that take charge of the androids live and work there. They take care of communication, operations, air drop of equipment and weapons.

The Resistance Camp is where the android who came to Earth before the Yorha troops live. They’re now organized as a resistance and they lend their strength to 2B and 9S, as they serve a common cause. It’s possible to buy items and improving weapons. Sub-quest will also be found here.