NieR: Automata Gets Two Free PS4 Themes, and They’re Awesome: Screenshots/Videos Inside

NieR: Automata Gets Two Free PS4 Themes, and They’re Awesome: Screenshots/Videos Inside

Square Enix prepares for the release in Japan of NieR: Automata with two super-sleek PS4 themes, and they're both free.

NieR: Automata releases tomorrow in Japan for PS4, and Square Enix is celebrating with free themes.

Both themes can be downloaded on the Japanese PlayStation Store, featuring two models of the Ho-299 flight unit that appears in the game.

The theme featuring the white Ho229 Type-B used by Protagonist YoRHa 2B can be found here, wehile the one featuring the black Ho 229 Type-S used by YoRHa 9S can be found here.

While the themes are static, they’re definitely high quality, featuring lovely illustrations, a different background music each (and the kind that isn’t too intrusive, perfect for a theme), custom sound effects and icons. They’re definitely among the best free themes out there.

In order to download them, you’ll need a Japanese PSN account. If you don’t have one, you can learn how to create and maintain it in our handy guide. Once you download and install the themes with the Japanese account, you can use them on all the accounts on the same PS4, as long as the console is set as primary.

At the moment, there is no official word on whether the themes will be distributed on the North American and European PlayStation Stores at a later date or not.

If you want to see more about the game, you can also enjoy the latest trailer, and a large chunk of new gameplay. A translation of the first review from Famitsu is also available. Last, but not least, you can also enjoy the previous TV commercial, which is definitely less disturbing (but still a bit creepy).

NieR: Automata will release in Japan for PS4 on February 23rd, in North America on March 7th, and in Europe on March 10th. A PC version on Steam has also been scheduled for this year, but no specific launch window has been announced for that one just yet.

You can check out the themes in screenshots and videos below.