NieR: Automata PS4 Demo Has Both English and Japanese Voice and Text Options

NieR: Automata PS4 Demo Has Both English and Japanese Voice and Text Options

If you thought you’d need to wait until tomorrow to play the NieR: Automata demo in English, I come bearing good news, that won’t be necessary.

The demo includes both English and Japanese options for text and voice, which means that you can simply download it from the Japanese PlayStation Store, switch the language options around, and enjoy the demo.

You can find the download on the Japanese PlayStation store, and it will take  4.691 gigabytes of your bandwidth.

Of course, you will need a Japanese PSN account to download it, but then you’ll be able to play the demo on any account, as long as your PS4 is set as primary. If you don’t have a Japanese PSN account, you can read our guide, that will explain how to create and maintain with very little effort.

The NieR: Automata demo will put you in control of protagonist (and beautiful android) YoRHa 2B as she slashes her way into an abandoned factory to destroy a giant machine life form.

The game will release in Japan on PS4 on February 23rd, in North America on March 7th, 2017, and in Europe on March 10th. A PC version is also planned, but no release date has been announced for that one.

Just today, Weekly Famitsu revealed a new character named Anemone, and you can check her out here, together woth a few more screenshots and an explanation of how ability customization will work in the game.

Incidentally, while we have no official word on this yet, this definitely makes me hope that we might get dual audio in the final game as well. Please, Square Enix, pretty please.