NieR: Automata Developers Would Like to Make a New Game, if the Same Dream Team Can Be Assembled

Nier: Automata's dream team of developers chats about the possibility of a new game of the series, or a remake for the first NieR.

July 20, 2017

NieR: Automata has certainly found a special place in the hearts of many fans, and having sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide, it has performed significantly above Square Enix’s expectations.

Of course, many are wondering of the franchise will return any time soon with a new game, or maybe with a remake or remaster of the first NieR. The Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu published a group interview with Director Yoko Taro, Producer Yosuke Saito, Designer Takahisa Taura, Composer Keiichi Okabe, and Character Designer Akihiko Yoshida, shedding a bit of light on this question.

Asked about the possibility of a remake of the original NieR, Yoko-san mentioned that it would depend on Square Enix.


Saito-san then picked up the ball, mentioning that he honestly does not know how much expectation there might be for a remake, but even if if it could be possible, it would be after various elements are considered. Of course, if Square Enix decided to do it, he’d like Yoko Taro in the team, and the possinility to add something “plus alpha” to the game. [Editor’s note: plus alpha is one of those Japanese idioms borrowed from foreign languages, meaning “a little more” or “something extra.”]

Interestingly, then the conversation shifted on the possibility of a sequel for NieR: Automata itself, or a new game of the series in some form. Taura-san kicked things off by mentioning that as a representative of PlatinumGames he’s satisfied a because the game was finished in a “very good shape,” and he hopes to create a sequel or something new. Asked whether he has the motivation to do it, he confirmed: “i am extremely motivated, not for the shooter parts, though”

Incidentally, Yoko Taro explained that when they decided to create NieR: Automata with PlatinumGames, they agreed that they wanted to do something new instead than a straight sequel of NieR, so he wonders if it was necessary to have the name NieR in the title at all.

Yoshida-san then interjected, mentioning that at the beginning of production he felt uneasy because the designs of the original NieR had a very good reputation. That being said, his new designs received a very positive response, and that took a load off his shoulders. He jokingly asked whether he would he be asked to participate or not if there really was a sequel. To that, Yoko Taro responded “if you can, by all means!”

At this point, Saito-san stepped in, joking about the fact that Yoko Taro and Him are going to go petition for that while all scared. That being said, he explained that in relation to what Yoshida-san said, his work was 99% done after all the members of the team were assembled. He is glad that they could achieve results, and he’s grateful to the fans that supported the game. If they managed to get the whole team together again, there might be a new game [of the series]. But he feels that if even one of them is missing, then it would be better not to do it.

And on this note, since we’re left with a degree of suspense and anticipation, I’d say it’s appropriate for me to leave you with a picture of this dream team that made NieR: Automata possible, directly from the magazine. From left to right, Designer Takahisa Taura, Composer Keiichi Okabe, Director Yoko Taro, Producer Yosuke Saito, and Character Designer Akihiko Yoshida.

They certainly deserve to be celebrated.

If you’d like to read more about NieR: Automata, you can check out our review. Incidentally, Yoko Taro and Keiichi Okabe have just released a scenario in Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Terra Battle, and might do the same for Terra Battle 2. Akihiko Yoshida is currently working with PlatinumGames on Cygames’ Lost Order, while Yosuke Saito has been working hard on the launch of his next big project, Dragon Quest XI.

Should their paths really cross again for a Nier: Automata sequel or for a new NieR game?

I honestly don’t have enough fingers to type all the “yes!” and exclamation marks that such a question would require.

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