NieR Orchestral Arrangement Album -Addendum CD Announced for March 25 Release

NieR Orchestral Arrangement Album -Addendum CD Announced for March 25 Release

NieR Orchestral Arrangement Album -Addendum celebrates the 10th anniversary of the franchise, includes new arrangements of the NieR and NieR Automata OST.

Square Enix Music announced the NieR Orchestral Arrangement Album -Addendum CD in Japan. The CD is part of the 10th-anniversary celebrations of the NieR series. It will include newly arranged music of NieR and NieR: Automata, and releases on March 25. Currently, it is available for preorder on the Japanese version of Square Enix Music’s site, and the CD wasn’t announced outside Japan yet. It’s priced at 3850 Yen tax included.

Square Enix recently opened up a 10th-anniversary website for the NieR franchise, teasing that many new projects, goods, and announcements are coming as part of the celebrations. It was also made public in December 2019 that Square Enix trademarked NieR, hinting at future projects and maybe even a Remaster.

Music is by far the most universally praised aspect of the original NieR game and NieR: Automata, so it’s not surprising to see Square Enix announcing such an arrangement CD for the tenth anniversary of the series. Square Enix will publish the tracklist of NieR Orchestral Arrangement Album -Addendum in the near future. The CD’s cover art wasn’t revealed yet either.

In related news, PlatinumGames announced it received a capital investment from Tencent. The studio is currently working on Babylon’s Fall, which seems pretty similar to all their previous games, including NieR Automata. Meanwhile, Yoko Taro is hyped as hell about 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim. and he praised the game in a video interview we translated, We’re also doing a translated Let’s Play of the game.