NieR Reincarnation - First 10 Minutes of Gameplay Revealed, New Details

Yes, NieR Reincarnation has a Shmup minigame in typical Yoko Taro tradition and Square Enix revealed some new gameplay footage with it.

February 16, 2021

Square Enix held the second official live stream for NieR Reincarnation on February 16, most notably revealing live gameplay of the game’s beginning. While that was the second stream, another live stream, #0, happened a few days ago. Be sure to check the details from official live stream #0 if you missed it.

The stream featured three seiyuu and several staff members:

  • Yumi Hara, who voices Mama
  • Rika Nagae, who voices White Girl
  • Motoyuki Kawahara, who voices the monsters, also called Scarecrows in Japanese

The stream also featured producer Yosuke Saito, director Daichi Matsukawa, lead scenario writer Yuki Matsuo, and scenario writer and BGM planner Takashi Ohara. These two scenarists explained their role and working under Yoko Taro during the previous stream.


The first part of the stream quickly reintroduced the characters of NieR Reincarnation. The staff and cast most notably mentioned Mama calls itself Mama but we don’t know for now if it even has a gender in the first place. As for main protagonist White Girl, they can’t reveal much on her without spoiling the plot.

Next, we have the gameplay parts, revealing the beginning of NieR Reincarnation. Rika Nagae was playing the game. Note that this is the very beginning of the game so it also includes the previously revealed opening trailer. There’s most notably an Auto function so White Girl keeps running without needing to control her.

The first battle and the battle tutorial were showcased as well. As we previously explained, the game uses a turn-based system. Each character has different skill gauges, and you can activate them when they’re full. There’s also a combo system so it’s important to coordinate each party member’s attacks.

NieR Re[in]carnation Official Live Stream #2 – First Live Gameplay

Here are some timestamps for the gameplay segments

  • 28:13 – Rika Nagae playing the beginning of the game
  • 39:15 – First battle and battle tutorial
  • 1:10:33 Shmup minigame gameplay

It’s also interesting to note the minigame menu has another option. Meaning there’s at least one other minigame that unlocks later in the game.

The Shmup minigame unlocks after clearing Chapter 4 of the story. Following player feedback, the difficulty has been lowered too compared to the Closed Beta Test.

Next, Square Enix also revealed new details regarding the NieR Reincarnation and NieR Automata crossover event that will be available at launch.

A special gacha banner to obtain a version of White Girl cosplaying 2B will be held until March 31. 9S, 2B and A2 with new outfits will also be available in another gacha banner till March 31. A collab quest featuring 2B and 9S will also be playable until the same date.

A plushie of Mama will also be sold in Japan.

NieR Reincarnation will be launching in Japan on iOS and Android this week on February 18. The game was announced in the West but with no release date yet:

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