NieR Reincarnation Tier list, Should You Pull Gayle (Bloody Hunter)?

How strong is Gayle (Bloody Hunter) and where is she in the current NieR Reincarnation character tier list for the PVP Arena and Quests.

By Iyane Agossah

September 21, 2021

NieR Reincarnation, the first mobile gacha game based on the popular JRPG franchise by Yoko Taro and Square Enix, currently has several Events and banners ongoing, including the Bloody Hunter summons banner, which has a higher drop rate for the Bloody Hunter version of Gayle – where is the waifu in the Area and Quest tier list?

The global version of NieR Reincarnation, out for only a few months, is following a high pace of updates, catching up to the Japanese version of the game. Players regularly have a lot of content to grind, so you definitely want to use your gems carefully too.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits | Release Trailer

Kena: Bridge of Spirits | Release Trailer

NieR Reincarnation: Should you pull Bloody Hunter Gayle, tier list position explained

Bloody Hunter Gayle is by far one of the strongest characters you can bring to the PVP table. She’s considered an SS tier character in the Arena meta tier list accepted by JP server players. If you’re a whale, or if you’ve got enough gems, you should definitely try pulling her and add her to her roster. If you’re ignoring PVP though, you might want to skip the banner as Gayle (Bloody Hunter) is “only” considered an S tier character for clearing Quests.

The Bloody Hunter summons banner is still ongoing, so you still have some time to make up your mind. Don’t forget though that the current crossover with NieR Replicant Ver 1.22. teased it’ll add Grimoire Weiss soon. So you might want to save your gems for him instead.

NieR Reincarnation is available on iOS and Android. Yoko Taro is also working on a new tabletop game, Voice of Cards. The creative director of NieR Automata is also working on at least two games at Square Enix. One of these two games is in a playable stage, read more details here.

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