Details of Cyberpunk 2077's First Night City Wire Event Revealed

Tomorrow's Night City Wire event will include new gameplay footage and a brand new trailer for Cyberpunk 2077

While Cyberpunk 2077, the long-awaited upcoming title from developer CD Projekt Red has recently been delayed once again, that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing more of the game soon. Tomorrow’s Night City Wire event, which had also been delayed out of respect to the Black Lives Matter movement, is seemingly going to be chock-full of new details on the game.

Airing tomorrow at 6pm CEST or 12pm EST, tomorrow’s Night City Wire event will be the first in a series and will last 25 minutes. Hosted by Hollie Bennett, the UK Head of Communication for CD Projekt Red, the show will feature a new trailer, gameplay footage, new interviews with the game’s developers and new details on one of the game’s previously unannounced features – braindance.

While we’ve seen a lot of Cyberpunk 2077 already in multiple gameplay videos and trailers, there’s still a lot we haven’t seen. While the game is set in Night City, there are still some locales we haven’t gotten a peek at yet, such as the Badlands, the barren wastelands outside of Night City proper where gangs often clash. That’s not to mention Night City’s various districts, of which we’ve only seen one: Pacifica, home to the Voodoo boys and the Animals, a pair of vicious gangs.

For players of the Cyberpunk TTRPG, braindance shouldn’t be a surprising term to see. In the Cyberpunk universe, braindances are personal versions of the net that Netrunners often dive into. It’s used mainly for entertainment; think of it as having all of your streaming services and gaming consoles hooked up directly to your brain. The braindance creates a virtual reality that users experience through Black Boxes, usually at arcades or bars. We’re sure to find out how V will be using this tech tomorrow, but I’m betting they spend some downtime playing whatever Mario game comes out in about 50 years.

Once again, tomorrow’s Night City Wire live stream will be airing at 6pm CEST or 12pm EST. To watch, head over to CD Projekt Red’s Twitch page here. Cyberpunk 2077 is set to launch November 19 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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