Night Life In Ballad Of Gay Tony

Not everything in Liberty City occurs during the day. When the night shines, or should I say bright lights, Liberty City awakens. In GTA: Ballad Of Gay Tony, Luis Lopez, right hand man to Tony Prince, has obligations and responsibilities to the two most profitable clubs in Liberty City, Maisonette9 and Hercules. He must make sure everything in the clubs are running smooth and at a profitable rate. If any drug dealers, perverts, or any degenerate occurrences happen in the clubs, he’ll be all over them and they’ll be back right on the streets doing their dirty work elsewhere. Luis must also see to the demands of the celebrities, help stars avoid the paparazzi, and making sure the on-stage performers are well “medicated” before they go on. If he can meet the demands of Liberty City’s most wealthy, then he himself can become filthy rich. 

During the time when Luis is not working, there are many fun things he can do at the clubs. For starters he can go to Hercules and dance by himself or dance with a group in a mini game. If he dances well enough the whole room can start dancing in unison and if he impresses a girl, she will take him to the bathroom for some love action. If Luis is done dancing, then he can go to Maisonette9 and drink the night away with a champagne drink off contest in the VIP section.  If Luis is not too careful, he’ll pass out like we all do, and wake up somewhere in Liberty City.

Here is a video from the Fizz, Liberty City’s version of TMC, where the celebrities are being watched constantly and depending on what they do, will be reported to and viewed by the public.

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