Nights of Azure 2 Receives Character Details and Bathing Suit Pre-Order Bonuses; New Trailer

Nights of Azure 2 Receives Character Details and Bathing Suit Pre-Order Bonuses; New Trailer

Koei Tecmo released new details about their action RPG Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon, coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC-via Steam on October 24.

The story will pick up when the “evil Moon Queen” threatens humanity and Liliana, a priestess, is chosen to become the “Bride of Time”, basically, a sacrifice to save the world. Liliana’s friends, Aluche and Ruenheid, are against this choice, but sadly one of the girls, Aluche, is killed by a demon during the altercation.

Being a video game, Aluche is resurrected by a half-demon and gains new powers. With a new chance, Aluche travels back to to her hometown and joins back up with Ruenheid with a common goal to defeat the monsters and save Liliana.

During the story, additional allies will join the character’s quest including, “the mysterious New Curian doctor Camilla Alucard, Aluche’s role model and ex-Curian Knight Muveil Folin Lou, a half-demon assassin named Veruschka, and the powerful Nightlord, Arnice.”

The publisher details further:

Human companions are not the only ones to help in the war against the Moon Queen, as Aluche is also able to forge contracts with reliable fiends known as Servans. These include her long-time friend Nero, the electrifying mutt Scharf, the fairy-like companion Feuille, the Shikigami-wielding Kaede, the beautiful butterfly Farfalla, the shadowy fiend Hexer, and the dolphin-shaped Perle. These Servans are classed into two categories:Strikers, who are used specifically for their strong attacks and ability to transform into weapons, and Trickers, who can use their powers in the overworld to remove blockades and open up new paths.

Additionally, for those who pre-order Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon, costume DLC will be given to Aluche as well as three Servant. Furthermore, those who digitally purchase the game within four weeks on PSN will receive a free custom theme.

By pre-ordering both of Gust’s new titles, Blue Reflection and Nights of Azure 2 at retail or digitally, players will unlock a special collaboration event in both games: Aluche will receive Hinako’s outfit, and Hinako will receive Aluche’s outfit.

You can check out the new trailer along with screenshots of the DLC below: