Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition Gameplay Revealed in New Trailer

Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition Gameplay Revealed in New Trailer

Check out some sweet, sweet Night Trap gameplay in new trailer.

Back in April, Kentucky-based developer Screaming Villains revealed Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition, a remake of sorts of Night Trap, the interactive movie video game (aka live-action) developed by Digital Pictures for the Sega/Mega CD in 1992.

In development for PS4 and Xbox One, Night Trap is composed of 90-minutes plus of FMV (full-motion video) sequences. The game’s plot centers around a group of young women who are being targeted by Augers, vampiric beings who want a taste of women’s blood. In the game, the player must switch between various hidden cameras throughout the house in order to activate traps to capture and stop the Augers and prevent any harm coming to the group of women.

Back in its day, Night Trapped stirred up quite the controversy — in a period where video games were much more “controversial” than they are now — for its mature content. This controversy and outcry eventually led to the game’s withdrawal from the market, and ultimately (though not entirely) caused the creation of the ESRB, the guys who rate your games today.

A release date beyond 2017 hasn’t been divulged, but we do know the game is getting a physical release on PS4 via Limited Run Games.

Just breathe it in — Bubsy, Shaq Fu, Night Trap (and even Knack 2) in 2017. What a time to be alive.

Below, you can check out the new trailer, which debuts the game’s gameplay for the first time: