Night Trap 25th Anniversary Scares up New Trailer with Survivor Mode Reveal

Screaming Villains unveiled Survivor Mode for their updated version of Night Trap - 25th Anniversary and teased some new modes and platforms.

While we still don’t know the release date for Night Trap – 25th Anniversary edition, more details keep on dropping. Today Screaming Villains (the team behind the revival of the infamous FMV game) showed off a new trailer with the Survivor mode. And not only this, they teased new modes for the Xbox One and Ps4 remastered versions.

The video is a highlight reel of the baddies of the game, the Augers, falling into various traps in the house. If you need a reminder, the basic premise for Night Trap is that there’s a house full of sleepover-ing teenage girls that are being stalked by vampire wannabes. You control a special agents monitoring the house with surveillance equipment and who can unleash fake floors and cages and other instruments at any time. Survivor mode takes out all those story elements and has different rounds that increase with difficulty the further you progress.

As stated before, the Screaming Villains official Twitter hinted at upcoming announcements:


As someone who’s very excited about this upcoming ‘historical’ moment in gaming history, it’s nice to hear that it’s not going to be a cheap repackaging of the original 1992 Sega CD version. The idea of interviews with the original creators and actors sounds like an excellent addition. And PC and Switch owners might get in on the action with the tease of ‘more… platforms’ which will make Night Trap the global hit that it deserves to be (although I’m sure not everyone agrees with that statement).

With the reveal of the special edition boxes for the PS4 from physical copy publisher Limited Run Games, it’s hard not to get on the Auger busting bandwagon. Hopefully all this recent news means that a release date is on its way, but until then here’s the Survivor trailer:

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