Nightcry Pumps Life into the Playstation Vita with Digital Release This Month

NightCry, the spiritual successor to horror series Clock Tower, will finally be releasing on the PlayStation Vita at the end of January,

The PlayStation Vita lives on with NightCry, the horror-adventure game and spiritual successor to Clock Tower, will be releasing digitally for $24.99 USD for the handheld platform on January 31, 2018 in North America. A European release date has yet to be given but is promised to be announced soon.

NightCry is a 3D horror-adventure game that comes from creator of the horror Clock Tower series Hifumi Kono and the Grudge film series director Takashi Shimizu. It comes from developer Nude Maker and publisher Playism with support for both English and Japanese languages.

The main characters find themselves aboard a luxurious cruise liner, on what was supposed to be a fun and relaxing trip. However, a series of gruesome murders aboard the ship are discovered one after another, causing the passengers to grow paranoid and start distrusting one another. Then, the immortal, bloodthirsty killer known as “Scissorwalker” appears. With no way to get off of this increasingly claustrophobic ship in the middle of the ocean, the body count continues to rise. Weapons have no effect on the Scissorwalker. You must desperately seek means of escape, defense, and places to hide lest you become the next victim. The only thing that can help you survive this journey is the choices which you, the player, make.

NightCry originally released on PC in 2016 and has had some changes with its port to PlayStation Vita. Instead of point and clicking you can control the player movement with the analog stick. Choices you make throughout the game will decide the fate of the three main characters with multiple endings. Two modes are available for play: Normal Exploration Mode which is the default mode and Escape Mode which will enter the player into an Escape Mode once the Scissorwalker appears where you will have to run and/or hide while monitoring how close the Scissorwalker is to you as well as monitor your breathing so you don’t become harder to control.

Clock Tower is a horror series that ran from 1995-2002 with four games and two spiritual successors in Haunting Ground from 2005 and NightCry in 2016. Artist Chris Darril was brought on for NightCry due to his work on Remothered: Tormented Fathers that began life as a Clock Tower remake but became its own original thing over the process of development. NightyCry began as Project Scissors and was originally meant to come to iOS and Android as well as PlayStation Vita. You can check out the NightCry trailer for PlayStation Vita below as well as some screenshots in our image gallery.

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