Hawaiian Far Cry-Like Nightmarchers Shows New Open-World Gameplay

Hawaiian Far Cry-Like Nightmarchers Shows New Open-World Gameplay

Wyrmbyte Studios releases a new video showcasing one of the many Hawaiin gods to appear in Nightmarchers, the Goddess of Fire Pele.

Wyrmbyte Studios recently launched a Fig campaign to promote and fund their new title called Nightmarchers. It’s an open-world shooter being compared to the Far Cry series with a Hawaiian twist currently at $35,000 of its $100,000 goal.

The game seems to take place in present day or near-future, but it seems the Ancient gods of Hawaii are back, along with a cataclysmic event known as “The Great Thunder” that has destroyed most of Oahu. In Nightmarcherslatest video seen below, we see the Goddess of Fire, Pele, forged from Hawaii’s many volcanoes. She is a violent goddess of destruction, but for those who know how Hawaii was formed, she is also a goddess of creation, as lava eventually creates land.

The protagonist, Kai, must test his bravery, asking Pele for the use of her powers, which allow you to control flame, lightning, and wind.

The first trailer for Nightmarchers tells the premise of the game. After the Great Thunder, an evil god named Kamapua formed a raider army and took control of what remained of Oahu, leaving many factions that opposed him fractured and broken. It’s up to you to pick a faction to side with and take back the island.

But Kai can’t hope to beat an evil god with just his will and a couple of guns. He must go on a journey to the recently awakened benevolent gods to learn their powers. Combining conventional weaponry with mystical Hawaiian powers is what it will take to win the war over Oahu.

Nightmarchers is currently on Fig with the campaign ending on February 16. The game, if funded, is estimated to release in Q3 2018. If this seems like your type of game, Far Cry 5 recently released a new video about its characters and co-op gameplay that may hold you over until Nightmarchers becomes a reality.