The Nightmare From Beyond Receives a Frightening New Trailer

The Nightmare From Beyond Receives a Frightening New Trailer

The H.P. Lovecraft inspired horror platformer's new trailer shows us more of what will be found within its world.

A new trailer was released today from indie developer The Domaginarium showcasing its upcoming 3D horror platformer The Nightmare from Beyond. In the trailer we get a good look at the game’s world and some of those who inhabit it.

If you’re unfamiliar with The Nightmare from Beyond, then here’s a quick summary of the story. Additionally, you can read about some of the cool features that you’ll be able to find in the game.

The Nightmare from Beyond is a cosmic-horror third person platformer inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft. You take on the role of Sanja, a young woman from the D’nyg race, as she explores a mysterious land in search for her sister, Dajana. There, Sanja will decipher what that place is, what is happening there, and why her sister was taken. She’ll also be in constant danger, for unspeakable horrors are watching her every move.


  • Face the Nightmare: Uncover an oppressive and gripping tale about corruption and inmorality, inspired by different works of the Lovecraft mythos.

  • Survive the horrors: Make your way through a dangerous land, with unspeakable dreads that are worse than death itself.

  • Explore diverse environments: Immerse yourself in different labyrinthine areas, from mysterious ancient temples to quaint alien locations.

  • Overcome environmental challenges: Traverse the environments as you leap over pits, cling onto ledges, climb structures and solve puzzles to advance in your quest.

  • Uncover the secrets: Find different artifactsand use your skills to reach new areas and learn more about the mysterious location you’re in.

You can find the new trailer that was released today below to watch for yourself. The Nightmare from Beyond will be arriving on PC, PS4, and PS Vita at a yet to be announced time.