Nights of Azure 2 for PS4, PS Vita and Switch Gets 1080p PS4 Screenshots; Arnice Returns and More

Nights of Azure 2 gets a new batch of screenshots from the PS4 version, showing the return of an old friends, new ones, and new enemies.

Today Gust shared a large batch of screenshots of its upcoming Nights of Azure sequel Nights of Azure 2.

First of all, we see more of the return of Nights of Azure protagonist Arnice, clearing a certain condition within the game allows the players to have her as a lily (a companion/possible romantic interest for Arshe).

We also get a look at Valderosa, a spider-like demon that will stand in Arshe’s way. Even her attacks mimic a spider, both in movements and in the ability to use webs to entangle her opponents.

The screenshots then show another powerful demon. He is enormous in size, and when fighting this kind of large-scale enemy the collaboration with a lily and familiars is absolutely crucial. Bosses will also talk with Arshe, tempting and misleading her. Not only they have different personalities and attitude, but widely diverse attacks and abilities.

The areas where bosses resides often have gimmicks that are actually advantageous for the player. Using them wisely will help dealing large damage to the boss, or weakening it.

Quite a few battle screenshots show the basics of combat, including Arshe’s attacks and the ability to launch team strikes collaborating with a Lily. The same goes with familiars, that can transform into wapons that Arshe can use.

Two new familiars are presented. The golem Damp is a striker that slows down Arshes’s movements due his heavy weight, but has the best strenght. The dolphin-like Perru is a trickster that can jump very high, allowing to relocate even when surrounded by enemies.

Demons can be upgraded and strengthened by spending Demon Points that can be acquired when clearing quests, and the menu can also be seen in the screenshots. By using this feature, it’s possible to enhance attributes that are already strong, or compensate original weaknesses.

Last, but not least, we see the bikini costume for Arshe that comes with the Premium Box collector’s edition. It’s really hot today, so I’d say it’s appropriate.

Nights of Azure 2 has been recently announced for Nintendo Switch on top of the original PS4 and PS Vita platforms, after a second delay that turned its previous February release date into a generic “2017.”

If you want to see more, you can check out some recent screenshots, before you drop below to see the new ones. Incidentally, the press release clearly specify that they portray the PS4 version of the game.

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