NIGORO Looking to Kickstarter to Make La-Mulana 2

NIGORO Looking to Kickstarter to Make La-Mulana 2

Embrace the 2D. The original creators of the hit side scroller adventure game La-Mulana are heading to Kickstarter to fund the sequel.

Originally started as a pet project among friends, the team over NIGORO have gained a ton of critical success for La-Mulana when it launched on WiiWare back in 2011.

This hardcore 2D platformer ‘Metroidvania” will rely on clever puzzles and open-ended exploration much like the original Lu-Mulana.

La-Mulana 2 puts in the role Lumisa Kosugi who is sent to investigate the ruins of Eg-Lana, which has been rumored to be the source of the increased monster activity. Lumisa is daughter of Lemeza Kosugi, hero of La-Mulana.

NIGORO is asking for $200,000 in order to get La-Mulana 2 funded on Kickstarter. No release date yet, NIGORO is looking to launch first on PC.
One of the more awesome backer rewards is having of your face put into the game as a fresco face statue thing.