Nihon Falcom Decides to Donate Old Floppy-Disks Instead of Throwing Them Away

Nihon Falcom Decides to Donate Old Floppy-Disks Instead of Throwing Them Away

Last week, Japanese developer Nihon Falcom posted a picture to their official twitter of box full of floppy-disc version of their classic games.

Sadly, the description in the post stated that the developer was planning on throwing the games away since they had been taking up room in the office for over ten years. Quickly, fans of the series chimed in and begged the developer to reconsider their decision, even the head of Game Preservation Society in Tokyo, Joseph Redon, added a plea for the developer to consider donating.

Later, the company posted a new picture showing the classic games laid out for all to see and stated that they will end up keeping them around for now. Notable titles, such as, Ys and Dragon Slayer, are just two of the many games displayed across the image that fans love to this day.

Today, Nihon Falcom updated fans with a new image showing the floppy-discs neatly packed for shipping. The developer adds in the description that they are donating them to a place that will keep them safe and secure.

Game preservation is something that the new generation of gamers may not understand as we continue towards a digital-only game market. It’s important to understand, these physical games are a part of our history, one that we all share as gamers and one that we should all respect. I’m glad that this story received a happy ending and these classic titles found a home for future generations to discover.

You can check out the timeline of images below released by the developer: