Twitter Channels DJ Khaled as Nintendo Announces New Nindies Showcase

Twitter Channels DJ Khaled as Nintendo Announces New Nindies Showcase

Nintendo announced another Nindies Showcase for August 28th and Twitter did not disappoint with the subsequent DJ Khaled jokes.

Earlier this morning Nintendo announced that it will be hosting a Nindies Showcase next Tuesday. To many this announcement came as a surprise considering that Nintendo just hosted an impromptu Nindie Showcase earlier this week when it showed off Morphie’s Law, Bad North, and Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch.

As always, Twitter responded accordingly. Channeling prolific music producer and 2016’s walking meme DJ Khaled, Twitter users responded to Nintendo’s announcement with Khaled’s signature catchphrase “another one.”

However, not everyone was thrilled to hear about the upcoming Nindies Showcase. Nintendo fans that have been waiting for a proper Nintendo Direct took to Twitter to voice their frustrations.

This Nindie Showcase announcement comes in the midst of a crowded summer for indie titles on the Nintendo Switch. With recent arrivals including Dead Cells, Overcooked 2, Sleep Tight, and Slam Land, it seems like independent games are receiving their own kind of portable renaissance on Nintendo’s console. With The Messenger just around the corner, as well as any surprises Nintendo pulls out during the new Nindie Showcase, it’s clear that Nintendo’s indie train shows no signs of stopping.

Be sure to tune in to Nintendo’s Nindie Showcase next Tuesday at 12:00 PM EST. Of course, we’ll keep you posted on anything announced at the event.