Here's Everything from the Nindies Showcase Spring 2019 Presentation

Titles from Devolver Digital, Vlambeer, and even Microsoft with Cuphead are coming to Nintendo Switch, as showcased in a new Nindies presentation.

Google isn’t the only big company with announcements during GDC 2019—Nintendo unveiled some indies (ahem, Nindies) coming soon to the Switch. With reports and rumors of a closer relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft, this Nindies Showcase started off with the surprising confirmation of Cuphead for the Switch. Previously exclusive to Xbox One and PC, Switch owners will be graced by the inspired art style and frenetic co-op gameplay thanks to Nintendo’s “friends at Microsoft.”

Check out the other trailers from the Nindies Presentation below.

Cuphead by Studio MDHR—April 18

Overland by Finji—Fall 2019

This turn-based survival game from Canabalt creator Adam Saltsman follows travelers on a post-apocalyptic road trip across the United States.

My Friend Pedro by Devolver Digital and Deadtoast—June 2019

This game is touted as “the first game about friendship, imagination and one man’s struggle to obliterate anyone in his path at the behest of a sentient banana.” They’re probably right about that.

Neo Cab by Fellow Traveller and Chance Agency—Summer 2019

This “emotional survival game” puts players in the shoes of Lina, the last human driver on the neon-drenched streets of Los Ojos, California.

The Red Lantern by Timberline Studio—”Later This Year”

Players will attempt to survive the Alaskan tundra with the help of their five sled dogs, which can be controlled with the Switch’s gyroscopic feature.

Darkwood by Acid Wizard Studio and Crunching Koalas—May 2019

This survival-horror game depends less on jump scares and more so on atmosphere and tension, depicting a forest in East-Central Europe possessed by “unknown evil forces.”

Katana Zero by Devolver Digital and askiisoft—April 18, available for prepurchase today

Players take the role of an assassin named Dragon, in a “stylish neo-noir action-platformer featuring breakneck action and instant-death combat.”

Rad by Double Fine and Bandai Namco—Summer 2019

A teenage protagonist navigates through what the game calls a “post-post-apocalypse” procedurally-generated world in this 3D action rogue-like.

Creature in the Well by Flight School Studio—Summer 2019

A “top-down, pinball-inspired hack-and-slash dungeon crawler,” players will control Creature through an ancient facility as they try to save the city of Mirage from a deadly sandstorm.

Bloodroots by Paper Cult—Summer 2019

The ultraviolent Western revenge tale focuses on Mr. Wolf, with players utilizing deadly combos to fight his enemies as he seeks his attacker.

Pine by Kongregate—August 2019

This open-world adventure game doesn’t look too far from an indie take on Breath of the Wild, with players controlling Hue from an island called Albamare.

Super Crate Box by Vlambeer—April 2019

Nuclear Throne by Vlambeer—available today

Ultra Bugs by Vlambeer—”later this year”

Swimsanity! by Decoy Games—Summer 2019

Blaster Master Zero II by Inti Creates—available today for $9.99

Stranger Things 3: The Game by Bonus XP—July 4

Cadence of Hyrule—Crypt of the NecroDancer feat. The Legend of Zelda by Brace Yourself Games—Summer 2019

In addition to all of the newly-announced games above, a select number of Nindies already on the eShop will be on sale. Titles including Firewatch and Yoku’s Island Express will be up to 30 percent off from today until March 27.

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