Ninja is Getting His Own Adidas Superstar Shoes and They Ain't Great

If anyone says that this is "just a shoe", I'm going to lose my mind.

That Tyler “Ninja” Blevins fellow is a popular dude. Not only is he still reaping the benefits from his multi-million dollar partnership with Mixer (which didn’t even end up lasting a full year), but he’s also looking to expand into other realms such as Hollywood. In the more near term, the iconic streamer is now set to release a new signature shoe with Adidas later this week.

In what will be Ninja’s second shoe with Adidas, the streamer who made it big by playing Fortnite is now set to let loose his own iteration of the popular Superstar silhouette later this week. The shoe, which is called “TIME IN”, is set to release on Saturday, August 8, and features Ninja’s own name on the side in gold lettering. A price for the shoes still hasn’t appeared online.

Okay, so as an amateur sneakerhead myself, allow me to weigh in on these new Ninja shoes. The Adidas Superstars are actually some of my favorite casual shoes to rock for any occasion. Before I got more heavily into collecting sneakers again within the past few months, what you would’ve used to see me regularly wearing day-to-day would be a pair of Superstars, either in the black or white colorway.

That said, I’m really not a huge fan of Ninja’s own pair of Superstar shoes. The things that it throwing me for a loop more than anything is how overtly white it is. While there is some blue sprinkled in, and it’s a shade of blue that I actually dig, it doesn’t do enough to make the shoes themselves pop.

Based on the initial images that were shown in Ninja’s tweet above, I’m also kind of confused about why the tongue looks so thin, especially compared to standard Superstar models. The off-white sole is the one part of the shoe that I actually think I like, but depending on the material, it could also grow yellow over time and really make the whole thing look even worse.

So if you’re asking me whether or not these Ninja “TIME IN” shoes are a cop or drop, I’m gonna have to go with drop. Superstar shoes are always worth rocking, but in my opinion, you’d be better off just grabbing a normal pair in the white/navy blue colorway instead. Hopefully, if Ninja has another Adidas collab in the future, it’ll be better than this one.

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