Ninja Has Abandoned Twitch and Will Now Exclusively Stream on Mixer

I'm sure this is a decision by Ninja that has nothing to do with money whatsoever.

The world’s most popular streamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, announced today that he’ll be spurning the world’s most popular streaming platform and will instead be taking his talents elsewhere.

Blevins announced this afternoon that moving forward, he will no longer be streaming whatsoever on Twitch and has instead made Mixer his new home for all of his content. Mixer, which is the streaming platform owned by Microsoft, has largely been in Twitch’s shadow for years now and is apparently now turning to plans such as this one to potentially gain an influx of new viewers.

Blevins claims that this is a move that will help him “get back in touch with my roots” and help “remember why I fell in love with streaming in the first place.” That’s a nice PR message and all, but come on — this was definitely all about money. And hey, I can’t fault Blevins for that whatsoever. Get that money, homie. I know Microsoft has quite a lot of it.

While I’m sure this move will be baffling to some and Ninja’s viewership might fall off a bit as a result, I really do think Mixer is a better platform compared to Twitch. Heck, when we here at DualShockers decided to build up our own streaming platform, we opted to go with Mixer over Twitch because we really think what it offers is far better. So even though it doesn’t have as many users, Mixer is actually pretty great. Maybe more viewers will come to this realization as well if they follow Ninja in his jump to the platform.

For the next month, subscriptions on Ninja’s Mixer channel will be entirely free for everyone. So if you wanted to sub to him, now’s the best time to do so.

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