Ninja Shows Support for Accessibility, Meets Zack Through SpecialEffect Technology

Ninja Shows Support for Accessibility, Meets Zack Through SpecialEffect Technology

Mixer-exclusive streamer Ninja visited London to meet Zack through the use of the SpecialEffect BubbleBusters robot and experience EyeMine.

The blue-haired-sometimes-other-colors-because-why-the-hell-not Fortnite boi Ninja has recently taken a trip to see first-hand what some of the technology the charity, SpecialEffect has created to help disabled gamers enjoy more games. During his visit, he got to meet Zack. The video comes from a Twitter clip and the below YouTube video that features Ninja explaining what he saw and how great he thinks the charity is for creating this technology for players.

The actual content of the tweet is elaborated through a blog post that details how Zack was able to meet Ninja through a BubbleBusters robot. Zack was diagnosed with Leukaemia at the age of six and was confined to an isolation room for six weeks where only his parents could visit him. Zack, now confined to his home, takes advantage of the BubbleBusters robot which is a white robotic head that sends a video and audio feed to his phone or tablet as well as allowing him to talk to whoever is on the other end.

This a way to allow socialization and education to continue when the user is physically unable to leave their room. Of course, Zack being a huge fan of Fortnite, and with the dream to win the Fortnite World Cup was given the opportunity to meet Ninja

Zack’s BubbleBusters robot was taken over to London where Ninja was on-location, presumably at the Microsoft Store on Oxford Street, ready to meet Zack through the robot. The two talked about Fortnite and as shown in the video, Ninja also got to experience SpecialEffect’s EyeMine technology that allows disabled players to play Minecraft using just their eyes.

“Just the stuff they’re doing, they’re making it easier for people with severe disabilities to play video games. It’s absolutley incredible and it’s something I’m one million percent behind and going to continue to support.” — Ninja

SpecialEffect is one of the collaborators behind the Xbox Adaptive Controller and helps design and create new products and systems to enable more gamers to play games that they otherwise wouldn’t be able too. Having Ninja on board with the support for them and the products is a great push towards getting the word out about accessibility options for gamers with all types of conditions.

I for one hope the Mixer-exclusive streamer continues to help push the knowledge and generate conversations surrounding accessibility in games.