Ninja Theory Announces Hellblade is Coming to PC

Ninja Theory Announces Hellblade is Coming to PC

Today Ninja Theory has announced that it’s third-person hack-and-slash game Hellblade will be releasing on PC in addition to the PlayStation 4.

Hellblade is described as an “AAA indie” game, being developed by a teams as small as 12 people. It was announced that it would make its console debut exclusively on PS4 during Sony’s Gamescom media briefing this year. The announcement was made only four months into Hellblade‘s development, allowing the developers to heavily involve fans in the game’s development process and to be as transparent as possible. The move to PC is another way for the team to explore community involvement.

Ninja Theory wrote in the announcement post the following:

Today we are happy to announce that Hellblade will be coming to PC, alongside the previously announced PlayStation 4 version. We’re excited to be bringing Hellblade to PC gamers and welcoming them into the Hellblade development journey. PC offers us fantastic opportunities to engage players in playtesting, usability testing and modding. We plan on grasping these opportunities with both hands to make Hellblade as good as it possibly can be for our fans.

Playtesting and modding are two words that are music to my ears, as I always enjoy getting my hands on a game to help with testing phases and to see developers support community creations through mods. I can’t wait to see what Ninja Theory has in store for us and what the community concocts with Hellblade.

There is no set release date for Hellblade, but it is expected to launch near the end of 2015 on PS4 and PC.