Alleged Trailer for Ninja Theory’s New Game Bleeding Edge Appears to Have Leaked Ahead of E3

Alleged Trailer for Ninja Theory’s New Game Bleeding Edge Appears to Have Leaked Ahead of E3

Bleeding Edge might be Ninja Theory's next game. The game's E3 trailer appears to have leaked on Twitter days ahead of Microsoft's conference.

According to Twitter user Nibellion, the E3 trailer for Ninja Theory’s new 4v4 online melee combat game has leaked ahead of this weekend’s Microsoft press conference. As always, take this Bleeding Edge leak with a grain of salt; however, the footage looks like a typical bombastic E3 trailer, so it certainly seems plausible. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out in the tweet below.

Ninja Theory’s last non-VR game was Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice back in 2017. Since then, they’ve put out three different VR experiences and been acquired by Microsoft. The alleged trailer shows off that slick combat we’ve come to expect from Ninja Theory, along with a style that reminds of Overwatch.

Obviously, with this just being a potentially leaked trailer, gameplay details are extremely light. The only thing we (allegedly) know is that the game will be 4v4 online melee combat. The trailer shows off eight distinct characters, which likely signals this will be a class-based game.

Each character looks drastically different. There is a girl who transforms into a giant bear mech. There is a sword-wielding cowboy and a man who’s battleax doubles as a guitar. Heck, there’s a lady that appears to turn herself into a human motorcycle. What I’m saying is, the characters look weird and drastically different from each other.

We’ll know more when the trailer actually happens, presumably at Microsoft’s conference on June 9 at 1 PM PT. That said, it looks like it could be a really entertaining project. The linked tweet above mentions a technical alpha is coming on June 27. If that’s true, it will not be long before gamers have a chance to try out Bleeding Edge for themselves.