Ninja Theory Interested in Making an Enslaved Movie

Ninja Theory Interested in Making an Enslaved Movie


Developers of the forthcoming action title Enslaved: Odyssey to the West say that they have expressed great interest in crafting a full length movie based on the game. Accordingly, a CG short was shown to a number of big name Hollywood producers, none of whom were interested in making it happen.

Ninja Theory’s Tameem Antoniades said via Destructoid:

“We actually really went for that, We were serious about it. We went to all the big studios in Hollywood and pitched the idea.”

He continued saying that they (the producers) couldn’t understand that they would make the movie in real time:

“They have no idea of what real time means, They just care about how good it looks. Then, the fact that you say you can do this for cheap has no interest to studios whatsoever, because they don’t want to do it for cheap. They want Pixar and the other higher end [studios] to do it for 100 million dollars or 60 million dollars.”

Fret not though, because i’m sure Enslaved will make a fantastic game. And everyone knows game based movies never do too well anyways.